Showcase of my projects so far
Morning Dew

The Mock Room

Short film, 2017

The Mock Room is Alexandros' graduation project from Met Film School. The short film regards two lawyers that consider on representing an old lady that microwaved her cat and now she seeks compensation. The attorneys set up a mock trial to examine the plausibility of winning the case. Based on this absurd premise the short film explores the struggle of everyday people, especially of a certain age, trying to cope with the evolution of technology.

  • Director/Writer: Alexandros Tsilifonis
  • Producer: Alexandros Tsilifonis
  • Dop: James Ducker
  • First AD: Giulia Gandini


Short Film, 2017

In short: One App, One break up, One decision.

Reload was the first project that allowed Alexandros to experiment with the concept of time travel. The film is dedicated to people who are constantly asking themselves "what if" and wishing for second chances.

  • Director: Alexandros Tsilifonis
  • Producer: Augustin Hardy
  • Screenwriter: Chiara Procacci
  • First AD: Giulia Gandini
  • Dop: Fangso Liu
  • Cast: Emma Berenmark, Tom Carter

The Constance Show

Short film, 2016

The Constance Show is an improvisation based film. Heavily inspired by the film “The Interview”, Alexandros created a short film mocking our regular TV show programs based on the premise of a man sleeping with more than 1000 women. The film was shot in collaboration with Met Film School.

  • Director/Writer: Alexandros Tsilifonis
  • Producer: Met Film School
  • Dop: Ben Raybone
  • Cast: Alex Francis, Sophie Brooks


Short film, 2014

Twinsanity is the first film that Alexandros ever made. A thriller/horror featuring the life of two twin sisters living in a remote asylum. It was a crucial point of his life that he realized how much we wanted to truly become a filmmaker.

  • Director/Writer: Alexandros Tsilifonis
  • Producer: Dimitris Tsilifonis
  • First AD: Ismini Inglesi
  • Dop: Alexandros Smaragdis
  • Cast: Dimitris Mauros, Xristina Appana

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