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    Alexandros Tsilifonis
    Director / Writer / Producer
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    The Mock Room is an upcoming Short Film by Alexandros Tsilifonis
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    The shooting days of Twinsanity made me realize that I wanted to pursue even further the career of a Director.
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    I was born into the world of cinema!
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    I intend to be involved in a range of genres, from comedy to films dealing with unexpected and awkward situations.

Alexandros Tsilifonis

Director specializing in comedy and drama genres.
Extensive producing experience in both corporate and fiction content.
Advanced screenwriting skills in both English and Greek.

"I was born into the world of the cinema and grew up within an environment that was permeated with the aura of filmmaking."

About me

A selection of my work

...aiming to achieve through all my projects

a true reflection of my writing style as well as my idiosyncrasy of resenting a dramatic, absurd matter through a humorous, yet realistic, prism.

Short Bio

  • Met Film School (MA Directing)
  • IADE - Creative University (Photography and Αdvertisement)
  • University of the Aegean (Cultural Technology and Communication)
  • Athens College

Companies I have been associated with